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Sports Betting For Dummies

Spend time studying the teams and choose your best selection available. Over/Under betting refers to wagers that are placed on the total amount of points, runs or goals scored in a contest. Oddsmakers set a benchmark number for each game on the docket. The terms “total” and “over/under” are synonymous when placing wagers. This type of bet is on the sum of the points scored by both teams in a game. The bookie sets the number for the total, then you predict whether they will score more or less points than the set number.

TeamsMoneylineNew York Jets+240New England Patriots-280A favorite (e.g. Patriots -280) on the money line works just like our bet price example above. In our new example, the Patriots are listed at -280, meaning you would need to risk $280 for a return of $100 on them. It follows that a winning bet on the Pats pays $100 (plus your initial investment of $280 back). This added risk is why betting the spread is usually more popular, especially on favorites. One of the first and most important aspects of sports betting every new player must learn is what the different symbols mean. A plus or a minus can mean different things in different situations.

Sportsbooks generally won’t book parlays where one winning bet increases the odds of the others winning, although this has changed recently. Parlaying the first-half total of an NFL game with the game total represents an obvious example. Also, the teams generally don’t care whether a game is going over or under. They only care about winning, so they usually have no interest in helping you win your bet, though there are exceptions. Perhaps the biggest reason to bet the over under is they are generally some of the lowest-vig markets offered by sportsbooks. That is, the sportsbook keeps less of the money they accept , expecting to pay a fairly sizable chunk back to the bettors.

To learn how to read betting odds, read the next few sections for an explicit breakdown. A bet involves risking something of value against a predicted outcome. If the bettor is correct, then they will be awarded something of value from either the person they made the bet with/against, or the bookie that accepted the wager.

To bet on the favorite, bettors must risk more money to stand to win $100. The amount of money that is risked is the negative number stated. To bet on the underdog, a $100 bet can stand to win the positive number stated. For each game on the docket, online sportsbooks will offer odds on the total points the teams or players will score in the contest.

Your MLB over under picks needs to reflect the trends for that season, rather than just a blanket assumption that the line should increase each season. The MLB is one of the lower under over lines that you’re going to find. This is based on the total runs scored for the game and only hockey will have a lower average line. The sportsbook takes the time to work out where they think the line will be and for most games, you’re going to be looking between 45 to 55 points as a base. Any lines that are higher or lower than this will be classed as extreme and likely be a good game to consider given the increased volatility over a market “standard”.

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