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Rules Of Pai Gow Poker

In our Pai Gow Poker game, the Joker is fully wild — it can be any card — and can be used to make any hand, not just as an Ace or to complete straights or flushes, giving you more ways to make a winning hand. You can also wager on the Dealer hand and have the advantage of playing against all the other players. In most casinos, the house makes more off the bonus wagers than they do from collecting a commission. This is due to the fact that side bets often carry a sizable house edge, so my advice for the smart player is to avoid these appealing options whenever they’re presented.

When you learn how to deal Pai Gow poker there are specific rules to the pattern the cards must be dealt. The hands are not handed out to the players until each hand has seven cards face down. When learning how to deal Pai Gow poker, the player that gets each hand is determined by luck, the roll of three dice. Players then form two hands, one of two cards and one of five cards, attempting to beat the dealer in both hands. The Progressive Wager wins an odds payoff based on the rank of the five-card poker hand regardless of how the Player sets their seven cards. A Player may opt to split a straight flush, five Aces, or a full house etc., but will still be paid for the Progressive Wager.

Fortune Pai Gow is played using a standard deck of 52 playing cards, plus one Joker. The Joker, or “Bug” as it is known, can be used only as an Ace, or to complete a straight, a flush or a straight flush. Every casino table game can get streaky, pai gow is no exception. Because the push rate is so high , it’s a good rule to leave the table if you lose three hands in a row. Strategy-wise, you should generally try to create the highest two-card hand that you can. Most times, your remaining cards will still form a higher five-card hand.

Although most players will hold out on their side bets, some will do so and then fold because they do not have any cards to play with. As such, you do not want to throw away a lot of money with side bets. Whether you are playing in an online casino or at your favorite bar, learning how to deal Pai Gow Poker should be one of your first considerations. If you do not have any experience with it, you could end up losing a lot of money.

Other than that, you shouldn’t expect a great deal of variation. While the 5-card hand is certainly important, a lot of beginning players tend to forget about the 2-card hand. That’s a big mistake, as you need to win both hands in order to receive a payout. Always strive for balance with your two hands, even if it means making a 5-card hand that isn’t as strong. If you have two pair of tens through deuces, split them unless you have an ace. If this happens, play the two pair in the high hand along with the ace and move the next highest card to the low hand.

A Player may only use their Player Account for personal purposes. This website encourages you to play responsibly by betting within your limits and by recognizing that over time the house will come out ahead. If one hand is higher and the other is lower, then the wager is a tie (“push”) and no one wins or loses the bet . We offer a progressive bonus where a $5 wager gives you a chance to win the progressive jackpot.

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